No More Empty Tables Tonight – Attract Customers In Your Restaurant

Attract customers into your restaurant and see your sales going up.

Discover how to maximize the number of customers and reduce the number of empty tables using Marketing Lens Assessment for Bars and Restaurants.

Research shows that for a typical business, 20% of time and money generates 80% of its success. By zeroing in on the right 20% of your efforts you can considerably multiply your success. This means a huge space for business growth.  Understand your business from a fresh perspective and discover what to add to what you are doing already, what to do better and what to stop doing.

Marketing Lens is a tool designed to help you accomplish precisely that.  This self-assessmentaudits your current marketing activities and gives you new insights into the way you run your restaurant business.

It’s quite simple.  After you fill in an online self-assessment (multiple choice questions) you will get a visual report in which you can identify easily the enablers and weaknesses of your business.  Your customized Marketing Lens Report shows you new ways to:

  • attract customers and reduce your vacancy rate
  • market effectively
  • stand out from the crowd by differentiating your offer from that of your competition
  • generate top-of-mind awareness amongst prospective clients for your brand, products and services
  • gather valuable feedback and ideas from your market on how to improve your products  and services
  • increase visibility and brand awareness in your market and build a lasting reputation
  • ensure, maintain and improve marketing effectiveness

One more thing. Marketing Lens draws upon an impressive and invaluable body of research. This self-assessment was designed combining classic and brand new ideas about marketing. It uses concepts coined by authors such as Philip Kotler, David Ogilvy, Seth Godin, Guy Levine and Scott Klososky.  Taking the Marketing Lens assessment is just like employing all these great minds to work on your business.

Start today your diagnosis and attract customers!