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I love to empower driven entrepreneurs to grow their businesses FAST

As somebody who was on the brink of bankruptcy in 2008, I understand the struggle that most entrepreneurs face. And I am not only talking about those who are getting started, but also about people who have been in business for a while now. As someone who's reinvented herself 5 times and raised to the top, being now recognised worldwide as The Smarter Profits Accelerator, I totally understand the entrepreneurs' challenges. Whether you want to have a regular life with no financial worries or you are determined to become #1 in our industry, rest assured that I know how you feel, because I've been there myself. Now, we serve clients on all continents because of this system...


Want more success?

Smart Business

A Smart Business is a business that is adapted to not just surviving but to thriving in the new internet driven economy.

When you build your Smart Business, you'll feel fulfilled and in control because your business is aligned to your heart. And... accelerated profits come as a consequence!


I believe small businesses are changing the world and that, together, we can make a difference. More so, due to technology and the Internet, I believe the power is shifting towards the small and medium-sized companies who know what they are doing. 

With more clarity over your business and a little help from me and my team, you can also compete with large companies as their equal... and even beat them!

Learning from a Tuk Tuk Driver


I came to realise that we are learning every day. And sometimes the least expected people can give us great advice and strategies when we are open to receiving them. 

Smart Business ideas and great strategies are all around us!

Watch this video where I share what I learnt while visiting the Old Town in Delhi, India. 

Cass Lecture


If you want some inspiration and ideas for a consulting-type business, watch this talk I delivered for students in CASS Business School.

I also share some of the common mistakes people make when they start off, me included :)

How to scale up


How to scale a business?

The best way is by introducing communication one-to-many.

You can either do it online or via events. A combination is even better :)

There is one critical thing to do: being authentic because no one ones to see a copy of someone else who is already successful.

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