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3 Crucial Tactics

to Build a Stronger Business

in Today’s Economy

Extract from the Business Unlimited series which comprises 101 tactics to achieve smarter profits faster



My mission is to empower entrepreneurs to make a real difference in the world and be happy at the same time

Ozana’s Inner Circle™

Partnering to Optimise

Your Business

We work together to transform your business into a Smart Business, which is scalable and grows exponentially, so you achieve your objectives fast.

Take me as your partner and mentor and let’s maximise your profits via a series of adjustments to leverage what you have and align your business to your heart.

  • Success Stories

    Ozana put my business in the right direction so I can achieve my objectives fast. The session with Ozana gave me CLARITY, which means I know exactly where to focus. I would recommend Ozana to businesses who want to grow fast, to entrepreneurs who want to skyrocket their business.
    Ivan Yordanov
    Go Live UK, Owner
  • Success Stories

    Ozana’s bootcamp has been hugely valuable. I now have a structured system and process in place, delivering me measurable results. I highly recommend to participate in Ozana’s bootcamp. You’ll get your money back 100 times over.
    Lorraine Carter
    Persona Design, Owner
  • Success Stories

    Within a year of working with Ozana, my sales increased by 70%, and I am now taking home 40% more cash. I made various adjustments, and the main take away is that I now communicate focusing on the client.
    Jolyon M’Bei
    Leonidas Romania, Owner
  • Success Stories

    I now have a way of working. Before I was quite lost. I know how to work with others who do things for us, so I am more effective in my work. Ozana’s program exceeded my expectations. Other courses don’t give the level of detail you get with Ozana. If you are serious about your business, work with Ozana and you will think differently. 
    Wilma Smythe
    Insights for Good, Owner
  • Success Stories

    For 17 years in restaurant business, and I never did marketing properly. I felt overwhelmed about marketing. I attended many courses but none could be implemented. Ozana’s bootcamp is very intense, and brought light into my head. Now I understand it so I can delegate it. Ozana is all about integrity. So you don’t have to sell your soul to get a client. This is more meaningful.
    Phong Lean
    Restaurant Owner
  • Success Stories

    Our sales for accommodation increased by 278% within 3 months. Our occupancy rate increased from 10% to 50% within 3 years. Ozana and her team brought various solutions, some with immediate effects, others medium term. If you want unconventional thinking to build a solid business, work with Ozana.
    Nusa Chiriac
    Roman Hotel, Owner
  • Success Stories

    Ozana’s bootcamp took me from theoretical understanding to the practical side and getting results. Before I had spent time and money on Facebook advertising and it seemed like a complete puzzle. Now my sales funnel works! Any business owner and marketing professional would benefit dramatically from working with Ozana.
    Lilia Severina
    Fix Trade Global, Owner
  • Success Stories

    Since implementing the sales funnel with Ozana, I am now spending 25% of the time I used to, to get the same number of contracts. I even had to hire 2 more consultants to serve more clients. I never imagined I can have so much success.
    Atu Darko
    Consultant, Lobbyist
  • Success Stories

    Ozana breaks down everything in super simple steps so anyone can understand and follow. She gets you from a rough to a prof. Guru courses give you a lot of dream statements, but you still don’t know how to do it. Her bootcamps are systematised, drilled with feedback and inspiring. My first course - already a profit over the investment to work with Ozana. I would recommend Ozana if you are a dynamic person, have done a lot of work and you might have plateaued, or you are hungry for more. And if you want bigger results, bigger success. 
    Matthew Hill
    Intercultural & Leadership Trainer

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