Increase Your Sales with Gamification. Personalised Communication [VIDEO]

Have you ever wondered what fidelity cards are for? How do big brands manipulate us through such cards and through other tools that we don’t even know exist.

In the 7-min video below I share how Sainsbury’s, a large supermarket chain in the UK, uses gamification on their clients, to make them buy more of their products, and how you can apply some of these techniques to YOUR business to maximize YOUR profits.

Gamification is a new strategy to develop and grow your Smart Business so you achieve your objectives faster.

Here are my two definitions for gamification:

1. The nice definition

Gamification is when you provide value for your clients in a personalized way. You want to communicate with your existing and potential clients in a way that makes sense to them, so you can really help them and be of value to them, and of course they may then buy from you.

2. The other definition

Now, the other meaning of gamification is that you really want to communicate in a personal way so you maximize your profits. This definition might not sound very nice, but it’s really about getting your clients to spend their money on your products.  A lot of their money. Every time you communicate with someone you want to do it in a personal way, so they feel it’s for them and they’re more likely to buy from you. Especially when you provide them with great incentives so they’ll buy on the spot.

Watch the entire video to find out how big brands use this strategy, so you can start thinking how to apply these techniques to your small business.

Did you get any insights from this video? If so, write your comments below. Tell us what you like and don’t like. Did you discover anything you can implement in your business?