Grow Your Business with Social Media

What Is Social Media?

Social Media is the perfect means for businesses to get exposure and communicate, especially on low budgets. The graphic below demonstrates the increases companies see using Social Media.

Social media is the virtual place where people meet, talk and interact.  It is a modern environment for people to spend time and socialize. Businesses use Social Media to communicate with their target audience (potential customers, existing customers, former customers). Social Media is an incredibly important channel to communicate with people. For brands, Social Media is an alternative to TV advertisements, radio shows, flyers, handouts, conferences etc.


Why Should You Be Using Social Media?

Social Media is the perfect means for businesses to get exposure and communicate, especially on low budgets. The graphic above demonstrates the increases companies see using Social Media.

Grow Your Business with Social Media

Tooliers powers an Action Plan to create your perfect profiles on the main social media platforms, write your perfect posts, establish your social media goals and strategy, and ensure you do the right things on social media. Complete the Action Plan and you will be equipped to obtain maximum results from the efforts you put in!


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The Social Media Action Plan starts with activities on Facebook, because regardless of your industry or location, your potential customers are on Facebook (unless you sell to people older than 60 years old). However, the reason why people are on Facebook is not because they want to communicate with your brand. Instead, they want to be in touch with their friends. It is your job to socialize your brand and take advantage of the incredible numbers of people on Facebook. The Action Plan Tooliers has developed will show you how. You will receive the Action Plan delivered in an interactive manner. You will learn by doing. This is the blueprint for your social media.

Whilst the Plan covers the basics, and sets you up for long-term success on social media, it does not cover enlarging your audience and paid traffic. These are subjects of other Action Plans, due to the complexity involved and the endless possibilities.

With social media, the more you put in the more you take out. You have to be patient though.

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Written by Ozana Giusca


Ozana empowers small business owners to make a bigger impact through what they are good at and love doing. Ozana is renowned for her ability to immediately identify why a business is stuck and to help it significantly increase profits and reach its full potential. She has helped over 100 business owners to double and triple their sales over the past 3 years. Ozana is a world-class Small Business Growth Expert and the creator of YOUR continued business success.

Ozana works exclusively with entrepreneurs and small business owners who are open to new ideas and committed to doing the hard work now, for future benefits. She works with consultants, coaches, trainers and other experts who are ambitious, driven and keen on getting better results with their business so they serve more people.

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