Hire Ozana

as a Speaker

Would you like to amaze your audience with brand new Smart Business strategies, so you empower them to transform their businesses and maximise their profits?

Do you like practical, hands on tactics, which your audience can act upon right away? 

Then Ozana is the speaker you want. 

Sample talk

This is the presentation Ozana delivered in front of 1,000 entrepreneurs and small business owners, during the Wealth Masters Tour 2019, on the same stage as Robert Kiyosaki.

Check min 46.20 for the first standing ovation of this talk, where the entire room was moved and inspired at the same time by Ozana’s captivating story. 

Popular topics

Ozana covers a wide range of subjects on what matters for growing a solid business in today’s economy. She talks about:

  • How to accelerate sales without stress or additional resources

  • The Smart way to generate business online

  • Why your website is not helping and how to transform it into your best sales tool

  • Facebook Ads Decoded. Finally generate business via Facebook

  • How to build a Smart Business to maximise profits

  • Why your sales have plateaued

  • Wake up! The 5 must do's to be successful in business now

  • 4 ways to increase your sales by $20,000 next month

  • How to get 20,000 followers on Facebook without buying any

  • and much more...


Ozana’s speaking fee is $10,000 for a 90-min talk. She can negotiate this fee if she is allowed to offer her products for purchase on the spot. 

Michael Beale

Regional President PSA

"I was impressed by Ozana on both on the way she spokes and also the content that she spoke about. If you are interested in growing your business, Ozana is one of the very best people to speak to." 

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