Do you want a website that’ll attract more visitors? If you take away only one thing from this article, let it be this

Information above the fold on your website homepage, product page or campaign landing page must appeal to your potential client. Clearly and persuasively show the client the benefits of buying your product. What’s in it for the client?  Failure to make the sale here (convince the user to scroll down to find out more) will lose the  visitor the opportunity to buy your product. 

How to make visitors scroll down?

  • Reassure them they are in the right place (Photo and main message which is a relevant value proposition)
  • Show them clearly what’s in it for them (Problem solved / Benefits)
  • Be clear about what actions are expected of them (call you, enquire, apply, download some info, express interest in meeting or consultation)

These are the first steps to turn your website into a client generating machine. If your ideal clients find what they care about most on the above-the-fold section of your website they will stay. You cannot turn your website into a client making machine without getting this right.

Do you want to create a high quality online product? If you take away from this article only one thing, let it be this:

While this is not a step-by-step guide for creating a profitable digital product it will help you avoid some common costly mistakes and help you create a successful e-guide (or other type of text-based online product).

  • Stay focused on your clients’ benefits – include them on your cover and in headlines, sub-headlines
  • Make your e-guide relevant: a clear objective, a clear solution to a clear problem
  • Prepare to create several versions as you come to better understand the problems and needs of your clients
  • Apply all the guidelines you can find on page X for online brochures

Do you want to create an online brochure that looks professional? If you want to take away from this article only one thing, let it be this:

A professional designer is always a plus. If you are not in a position to pay one yet, here are some guidelines for designing an effective digital brochure:

  • Make your online brochure screen friendly (landscape not portrait, sans serif font not serif, 14pt font)
  • Structure the text using a clear hierarchy instead of a long block text
  • Test your digital brochure for mobility and optimize it for screens
  • Ask some of your better clients: Are these headlines and sub headlines appealing to you?
  • Ask some of your better clients: Do these photos give you a “this is for me” feeling?


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