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Business Unlimited

”If you are looking for a very hands-on approach to building your business from the ground up, Ozana has nailed it in Business Unlimited. The real-world examples, as well as the practical exercises at the end of each tactic, also ensure this is a user-friendly guide to reaching business success. ”
Bill Walsh,
America’s Small Business Expert

Grab Your 3 Crucial Tactics NOW to Build a Stronger Business in Today’s Economy


  • The 3 questions to ask yourself so you can fully leverage what you already have in your business, for maximum profits. Most small businesses get caught in doing the same thing, selling the same product or service, in the same way… and they miss the big money. These questions are so obvious, that no one thinks about them… at least none of the entrepreneurs who come my way.
  • The one question to ask yourself to really understand your business. Of course you know your business, otherwise you wouldn't be where you are. But there is one question that can open up a new horizon for your product or service, simply because when you answer it, you will most likely position your company / solution differently, which of course leads to adjusting your message, which is even more important than the product itself. 
  • Say ‘no’ even to highly skilled people if they don't fulfil this one criterion … Which is much more important than the work they can do. If you don't say no, you may risk losing your most trusted employees and even the control of your business. 

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