New Online Self-Consulting Service Now Available for Small and Medium Businesses, the first global cloud-based website for online management and business assessment for small and medium companies, is now available for beta use now at “ is changing the game of business and management consulting with the new concept of ‘self consulting’ and small companies will benefit the most,” said Co-founder Ozana Giusca who is announcing the new website during her presentation today at the O’Reilly conference in San Francisco.

Self consulting means a business owner or executive in any department from finance to human resources to marketing can obtain strategic answers and valuable and intelligent information from a convenient, easy-to-use, and reasonably-priced cloud-based online service. helps small business owners and managers get the advantages of classic consulting services while avoiding many of the drawbacks such as high cost and tax implications of hiring help. provides practical and intuitive do-it-yourself business and management tools to make consultants think differently about their services. We welcome the consulting industry as a whole into the Internet era,” added Giusca.

Its initial 16 tools are designed to enable entrepreneurs and managers get to the bottom of a problem in an organized and structured way, in the comfort of their own environment, at their own speed and in their own time. The initial product portfolio includes online solutions for business assessment and growth, financial tools, and tools for personal development as leaders.

One tool called Business Lens features analytics and is designed to help business owners better understand their companies and take them to the next level.

“Successful companies like Facebook and Google have changed the rules of the game, while others like Apple, Cisco and IBM have adapted their businesses in recent years and along the way. Others failed to adapt and millions of companies have gone bankrupt. Business Lens helps companies adapt to a rapidly changing business environment so they cannot only survive, but also thrive,” Giusca added. was developed by a team of serial entrepreneurs and seasoned business consultants to make the latest management and business concepts available to small businesses in a user friendly format.  Managers, entrepreneurs, and consultants then apply these ideas to their companies.

In recent months, more than 150 entrepreneurs, managers and business consultants have tested the platform and the initial product portfolio featuring 16 management and business tools in a private beta version.  Beta customers include Abakos, Anglo-Kuban Developments, The Bankers, GWA Marketing Ltd, Pachiu Associates SCA, Telemanagement BVBA, and Trading Educators. Several name brand banks, consulting firms, and others have used it as well. features include:

  • Cloud Benefits:  Instant access to featured products from computer and selected mobile devices directly from the cloud with nothing to install.
  • Portfolio Management:  Allows serial entrepreneurs and business consultants to use the tools on a portfolio of companies.  With a single account, they can apply any tool to any company.
  • Dashboard Control: Allows users to access the dashboard from anywhere and manage products, reports, companies, and credits.  Entrepreneurs, managers, and consultants can build up their portfolio as they evaluate more aspects of their companies and develop a holistic view of their businesses. is a tool as a service and is available for beta use at this time. The cost depends on the tool used. Half of the tools are free.

The website is owned by Catalyst Partners Ltd which is headquartered in London, United Kingdom.  Romanian-born Serial Entrepreneur and Seasoned Business Consultant Ozana Giusca is the company founder and visionary for the concept of self consulting. The company is @tooliers on Twitter.

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