Smart Selling Lessons from India [VIDEO]

Today I am going to share 6 lessons from my experience in India, because…

Indians are great at selling.

As you probably saw on my Facebook, a month ago I went to a wedding in India and besides enjoying life, I also observed and learnt.

Watch these 6 videos from my trip and discover new strategies and lessons Indian people taught me.

Lesson #1 – Be aware of appearances

On the way to Bhubaneswar Cave, there were a lot of people asking us, the tourists, for money. Of course, I felt harassed. When I reached the top of the mountain, there was yet another guy begging for money.

Obviously, I refused to give him any.

When I left the cave, I found out he was the priest, the real one, in charge with the temple. I realised I should have given him a donation.

The moral of the story is that we need to be careful with appearances. Bad previous experiences may lead us to bad decisions today.

Watch the full story in the 3-minute video below.

Lesson #2 – Discover from a Tuk Tuk driver how to easily gain business

As I was visiting the old town of Delhi, many tuk tuk drivers offered to take us to our next destination for lower fares.

We said no to all offers, because we wanted to walk, even though the prices were peanuts for us…

Until one clever tuk tuk driver approached us and managed to get us to say yes to his offer for triple the money other drivers asked for!

How did he manage to do this?

Watch this video to discover …

This is something we all need to master to get our clients to say yes and to command the fees we deserve.

Lesson #3 – Find out from Indians how to sell more with the same efforts

One of the people from our group bought a post card. What I noticed and found interesting was that other sellers came to him, rather than to us.


Discover by watching the full video

Lesson #4 – How to get people to pay you without asking for it

A flower… a priest…

Watch the video below and discover the tactic he applied.

This is something all determined entrepreneurs can use as a model in their business so they achieve smarter profits faster.

Lesson #5 – Why testing is crucial

When I planned my holiday in India, I decided to do a Master Class there for Indian entrepreneurs.

The response was worse than we’d ever imagine.

However, we still did the event because of the final test.

Watch this video and discover what made the difference.

Lesson #6 – Ask yourself these 3 key Questions before taking any advice

When you are going on holiday, how do you normally get around in a different country?

Initially, I wanted to hire a car because it gives me independence.

One of my friends, whom I trust, advised me to not hire a car, and do take the bus instead.

And guess what I did?

I listened to him… because he visits India more often than I do.

Watch this video to discover the full story and why you should ask yourself these 3 key questions before taking any advice, whether it comes from friends or business partners.