Nailing Facebook Ads - How to Advertise Online so You Generate Leads and Sell More Even If You Have No Marketing Experience

Empowering you to have more success...

Tried Facebook Ads and feeling frustrated as you're not getting sales? 

Or getting some sales, but still not recovering your ad spent? 

Have you heard others using Facebook successfully, whilst you don't know where to start? 

Feeling anxious to use Facebook Ads, as you don't want to waste your money?

Wondering how others can write as much as they want in an ad, or can get away with text on pictures?

There is no luck or chance when you promote your business online. 




And it's simpler than you think!

You probably know:

Right now Facebook is the best platform to generate leads, turn your cold leads into hot ones and convert them into clients regardless of...

  • What you sell (physical products, digital products, services...)
  • Whom you sell to (individuals, business owners, CEOs, high net worth individuals, doctors... to name a few).

If you're interested to get started with Facebook Ads or to improve your campaign, keep reading!

Because you too can do it, when you follow some simple steps! 


#1 Reason Most Facebook Ad Campaigns Fail: 

They Chase the SALE Now


Problem is that most people don't want to buy when the seller wants to sell... 

...thus most entrepreneurs, professionals who advertise don't make the sale and just waste their money on bad traffic and useless clicks.

What you need to do instead is to... 


Take Your Potential Client Through a JOURNEY


This means that in the first instance you need to address the problems of your potential clients.  

Then you help them partially solve their problems while building a relationship with them, so they get to trust you! This is how you become the best possible solution to their problem, which leads to a natural purchase. 

Successful consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs build an Online Sales Funnel which in essence is an automated online journey designed especially for potential clients.

When set properly, it doesn’t cost them anything and generates loads of sales on autopilot. 

Because most entrepreneurs, from solo-practitioners to established businesses don't know how to use Facebook Ads, I've designed this...




...which we constantly use to generate leads AND convert them into cash with little advertising costs!

Over the past 12 months, I've supported over 100 entrepreneurs to generate business online by deploying this method.

Yep, you got it right: such sales funnels produce money and clients at the same time.

When you follow all these steps you get  


Clients Paying you to be your prospects!



In Oct 2015, we ran this Facebook Campaign to promote a new program on how to Design the Business, a 6-month interactive online program designed to jumpstart or upgrade a business by building an effective marketing system and upgrading everything the entrepreneurs do, so they follow the new rules in the economy, which means they really get to live their dream lives. 

We paid an average of $0.99 for each lead (that is people who gave us their email address in exchange of a pdf we had created to help them solve certain problems).

We spent $505.76 on this campaign and got 512 leads (as seen in the picture below).

Out of these 512 leads, 15 purchased our Entry Product (the Smart Outsourcing Guide so they get more things done) for $17.

We made $255 in sales even before we had to pay Facebook for ads. 

In addition, 4 entrepreneurs joined the Business by Design Program, each paying us $497, which means total sales of $1,988.

This is a total profit of $1,737.24 and...

343% ROI

Fb Ads ex 2

This is the power of Facebook Ads.

Note! Facebook constantly changes algorithms, more people get into Facebook advertising, thus it is increasingly difficult to achieve such results.

Whoever wants to obtain good results needs to put more work into this than last year or few years ago.

Now your turn to follow this 5-step method!


Here It Is...


Step 1. Create an ad talking to your potential clients based on THEIR situation where you acknowledge their needs or problems 

Step 2. Share valuable information tackling one of THEIR problems. I.e. helping them towards solving their problem or meeting their need

Step 3. Continue to offer help by giving them something valuable for free (a guide, checklist, report), in exchange of their email address whilst you incur no costs to deliver - as it's all done automatically

Step 4. Offer them to partially solve their problem via a low-cost product 

Step 5. Offer your full-price product or service

This approach has never failed us... fact it's exactly what we are doing right here :)


It's so simple, yet powerful


The reason why this works is because you help your potential clients before asking for the sale. 

When your potential clients get a little help for free, they want more, so they'll be spending money with you.

If you are a coach, consultant, speaker, trainer, or expert of any kind, this method makes miracles on your business... you'll want to get instant access to this 



Toolkit for Online Successful Advertising 

It's time that you finally generate business with Facebook Ads, and reduce the time required on making that sale happen!

With your purchase, you'll get instant access to:

  1. Step-by-Step Guide on Setting Up Facebook Ads
  2. Blueprint to Creating Successful Ads & Setting Up an Effective Sales Funnel
  3. Online Masterclass on the 7-Step Smart System to Finally Get Results with Facebook Ads

This toolkit is what you need so you design an effective sales funnel and run Facebook Campaigns that generate leads and sales for your small business... you get traffic, build your list and sell, on autopilot. 

Which means you enjoy the peace of mind and certainty that comes with knowing you have clients coming your way day in and day out!

Because this is scalable as it involves little human interaction once it's set up.

You've probably figured out that this is our Entry Product so I won’t try to hide it from you.  

You'll discover how you can do the same, using this Toolkit!

Get your instant access right now...

...and see what comes next :)

The Toolkit for Online Successful Advertising Guides You To:

- Write attractive Facebook Ads so your ideal clients click on your ads and get to know about you, which means they get closer to buying
- Build effective campaigns based on a tested sales funnel model so you capture the contact info from visitors who don't but right away, which means you can further communicate with them until they buy
- Use your knowledge to your advantage to build a relationship with your potential clients and get them to trust you without you having to meet them. This way you prepare them to say "yes!" even if you've never met them before

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