[Management] Get the Basics Right When Employees Don’t Give a Damn (Part 3)

If you get the basics right, you’ve got a great chance of bringing together – and keeping – the best performing team for your business, or of achieving those big dreams you have.

In this final installment of our discussion on the basics for managing a great team, we discuss a technique that will be music to some business owner or manager’s ears… Others will find it frightening, as it involves, well, not being involved in every detail of your business.


Missed tip #1? Hire based on values

Missed tip #2? Let your team manage each other – and you!


#3 Be on top of things without needing to be in the office every day

As the business owner, you want to focus your time on activities that grow your business. You don’t want to be chained to the office or waste time-fighting fires someone else could deal with.

To do this, you need a system that works for your business. I’ve already written extensively about my favorite delegating technique.

Here’s something else I’ve done: I got my team to send me an email at the end of each day to share what they’ve achieved, where they have challenges and what they need to do next. This way, if a client calls me with a problem, I already know about it and can suggest a solution.

Better still, the team often sends me proposed solutions. This makes my life easier, as I can evaluate their suggestions and direct my energy towards growing the business (rather than wasting it on the daily routine).

By always having the information and updates for each project, my clients also feel comfortable that I’m in control, care about their needs and am there to help. Yet I’m hardly ever in the office…

Do you have any strategies for managing without having to be present constantly? Could you adopt my daily email technique?