Make Your Competition Irrelevant by Choosing Your Best Clients in 3 Must-Do Steps

As a business owner, do you ever feel like: 

  • You are stressed to deliver the best product or service possible and your clients are still not happy?
  • You waste loads of time on getting one client or one transaction?
  • You work with a lot of time-consuming clients and your profit margins are not enough?
  • You work in a very competitive market and it is almost impossible to make a difference?

If you are a professional and at least one of these hurdles slows you down, keep reading this article to discover how to eliminate the stress that comes with having to run a business which doesn’t generate predictable income. Keep reading to you know how to systematically bring in those clients who generate nice profits for you. 

Discover how to get many of your best clients so you achieve your objectives faster. Regardless of how much you love your company or how much you believe in your product or service, dealing with bad clients day after day can turn your business life into a nightmare.  

So how can you choose and attract those clients that will help you turn your business into a dream – and a booming enterprise?


Step 1. Decide: Good clients, bad clients 

You are not alone.  All companies have better and worse clients.

The difference between a good business and a disastrous one is being able to systematically identify, attract and satisfy the good clients.

... or even better: to deal only with your ideal clients.

As an entrepreneur myself, this is a lesson I learnt the hard way. Thinking that more equals better, I took any client on board.

In time I realized that bad clients are not only bad for business but also for my personal development as a business person.

Sticking with people who were obviously not a positive influence on my business gravely undermined my business success.

Over time, I’ve learnt to sniff the bad clients from a mile away and I’ve learnt to say “NO” to them. This has been a major lesson on my path to becoming a successful serial entrepreneur.

Here are 4 signs that show you might not be serving the right clients:

  • Your clients are more focused on getting a better price than on getting more value
  • Your clients are late paying their bills
  • Your clients are never satisfied, but they can’t tell you what exactly is not meeting their demands
  • Your clients are more interested in a one-time deal than in a long-term partnership


Why to be picky about your clients?

Because good clients are more than just clients – they are also good business partners and brand ambassadors.

  • Good clients generate good profits and are a pleasure to serve
  • Good clients fulfill you as a person
  • Good clients are the driving force behind you achieving your dreams


What else do good clients mean to you?

  • Boosting your company’s revenues via win-win deals and/or valuable recommendations
  • Improving the quality of your services thanks to their valuable feedback
  • Stimulating your personal development as a business owner and/or professional
  • Spurring your company’s business growth
  • Constantly challenging you to take your company to the next level

You may say, "I serve whoever approaches me. I can't afford to select my clients." The reason why you can't be selective is exactly because you are not selective. You may be serving bad clients without realizing it.

This takes up most of your time and resources and makes it difficult for you to see that there are good clients out there for your business.

Bad clients lead to 
> average business & struggle

Good clients lead to 
> nice profits & the life you want...

Now I would like to invite you to think about this: What are the characteristics of a good client for you and your business?



Marketing professionals always use this tool...

... and there is no reason why you wouldn't identify good and bad clients using Positive and Negative Personas.

The Persona helps you address the right people, in the right way, in the right place.

You will target your potential client so well that you will dramatically reduce money wasted on ineffective marketing.

A ‘Buyer Persona’ (or ‘Persona’ – also known as an ‘Avatar’):

  • Is a fictional representation of your ideal client, based on data about their demographics and behavior as well as informed speculation about their personal histories, motivations and concerns
  • Captures the type of person with an incredible need for your service and a love for your company; the person who will remain a loyal client and share their enthusiasm about your business with all of their friends / business partners
  • Includes your exact targeted client’s fears, problems, stumbling blocks and favorite places

Once you develop your Positive and Negative Persona you will be able to:

  • Better target your ideal client
  • Determine what kind of content / message you need to create
  • Set the tone, style and delivery strategies for your content
  • Understand where your potential clients (or buyers) are and how to deliver your information for better reach and consumption

When you use Persona, your message will talk to your ideal client such that they will say:

"Wow, I want to work with this company as they truly understand me and they have the solution for me."

This means that your ideal clients will approach YOU.

YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS will be the ones asking for your services, rather than YOU trying to sell them your solution.

Imagine how much better your life will become when this happens? 

You are just few steps away from it. 

Use Persona and you will achieve what you want. 

" Within 6 months of starting using Persona, my sales doubled." 
Jack Miller, web agency owner


Step 3. Develop Persona

The easiest way to start developing Persona is to think of your best customers.

Write down their characteristics and then look for others who share those characteristics.

If you are serious about rapidly increasing your sales, click below to get the main 5 questions that will enable you to develop Persona so you attract those clients who will grow your business.

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Who am I to give you advice?

A former small business consultant who was struggling to make a living, now an acclaimed international speaker, CEO of Tooliers (marketplace with business growth tools) and the author of best seller Business Unlimited.

The reason I have shared the tips above is because I see so many small business owners struggling to make a living, working 12 hours a day, making every possible effort to grow their business so they simply have a better life...

... when the cruel reality is that most work harder than if they were an employee and get less than a monthly salary.

My mission is to change this. I once had my own business struggles so I decided to dedicate my time to helping others who are today in the same situation I was in a few years ago, where:

  • >>> I placed an ad on Facebook and it didn't work
  • >>> I hired the best sales person I met and she didn't bring in any new clients
  • >>> I spent $5,000 on Google AdWords to direct traffic to a website that no one was interested in
  • >>>  I was paying $1,000 a month (for one call per week) to a marketing specialist who I now realize had only a little more knowledge than I had at the time (though clearly not enough to make my business work)

... and the list continues.

Business is fun when all goes smoothly, which is why I invite you to click below to develop your Persona in 15 minutes, so you increase your profits and achieve your objectives faster.

And if you have a successful business, imagine how much more you will achieve when you use Persona in a smart way :)

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This is not a 'sales pitch' in disguise. The tips are FREE, as I really want to help you achieve your objectives faster.

See one of the many messages we have received from other small business owners, just like you:

"WOW! I can't believe that after 7 years of struggling to make a living with my business, I am now able to take 3 long holidays per year and explore the world, because I can afford it. All due to using Persona and only serving ideal clients. "
Marissa Smith, consultancy owner .

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