How Tooliers Will Create Value for Entrepreneurs, Managers and Their Companies

Tooliers emerged from the idea of making top consulting available in an exceptionally user-friendly format, to a large number of companies.

Tooliers provides business tools that incorporate multimillion dollars’ worth of research and know-how.  These tools will be a true shortcut for entrepreneurs and managers to an impressive body of research and practical know- how in various fields.  Seasoned consultants have incorporated their knowledge and expertise in automated products, to enable entrepreneurs and managers get to the bottom of a problem in an organized and structured way, in the comfort of their own environment, at their own speed and in their own time. Our tools will provide answers to questions that you ask yourself and equality to questions that you don’t ask yourself, but are even more important and relevant.

Our priority is to ensure that these products will be especially available to companies that don’t have resources for classic consulting services. Tooliers will do that in two ways:

  • constantly searching for products tailored for businesses with limited resources, especially small and midsize companies
  • being actively involved in helping consultants develop such tools.  Tooliers will be focused especially on solutions for business assessment and growth, financial tools and tools for personal development.

If you are an entrepreneur or manager you will be able to use tooliers to:

  • make informed decisions about products, solutions or tools that are most relevant to your business objectives
  • use online easy-to-use do-it-yourself business tools in order to develop your business
  • get an alternative to expensive consulting services
  • find online assessment tools that help you get a second opinion regarding ongoing company transformation or optimization projects in your company
  • most importantly, get a broader view on subjects, grasp concepts quicker and embark on a journey to reach your goals on the fast track

Are you a manager or entrepreneur motivated to improve your business?  Stay tuned for our beta launch next month (May 2013)!  Register now at  It only takes 5 seconds and it comes with many benefits.  Our special offer for early clients will be valid for a limited period!