The Customer is Always Right! The key for business development

It’s ancient knowledge to restaurant owners that the customer is always right. That is the key for business development.

Yet, so many places still fail to educate their frontline personnel to use customer feedback constructively, rather than neglect it or, even worse, take it personally and transform the table chat into an “I’m right – you’re wrong” dispute.

In the hospitality industry, just like any other sector, the customer is always right.  This simply means that, even when your guests are technically wrong (as they often may be), your staff should still acknowledge their opinion and do their best to deliver to expectations, or at least communicate in a specific way that their requests are taken into consideration.

It might be true that the client had the same fruit cake the previous time she was in the restaurant, but if she says that the previous time it was sweeter this simply means that she is looking for a different tasting experience and indirectly asks for a suggestion.  Your waiter’s job is to satisfy this new sweet craving by recommending another cake, rather than enlighten the client about what she really had the previous time.  This is a simple way to stay focused on the opportunity (up sale), and avoid a dispute.


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Shrugging off an unreasonable complaint is bad business for your bar or restaurant: your wait staff gets used to shrugging off complaints (unreasonable and reasonable), your customers won’t return to your premises and the ones that still want your special treat of the day won’t go into “feedback-giving-mode”, anticipating an unfriendly response.  Unsurprisingly, the best waiter is not the one that is always right but the one who knows how to receive, respond to and help managers use customer feedback to improve your services.

Acknowledging your clients even when they’re wrong doesn’t mean you are living a lie.  It simply means that you are truthful to your foremost objective: being successful in a customer-centered business.

Be truthful to your foremost objective: being successful in a customer-centered business.


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Written by Ozana Giusca


Ozana empowers small business owners to make a bigger impact through what they are good at and love doing. Ozana is renowned for her ability to immediately identify why a business is stuck and to help it significantly increase profits and reach its full potential. She has helped over 100 business owners to double and triple their sales over the past 3 years. Ozana is a world-class Small Business Growth Expert and the creator of YOUR continued business success.

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