Coming Soon: Tooliers Beta

We proudly announce we are soon to launch our new project!

An idea that emerged a year ago will finally come to life.  Back then, we only had some blurry insights about a whole new category of consulting services. Today, we have a clear idea and a functioning platform to make it happen! And of course, a name for our dream: tooliers

What was the dream about?  We envisage a place where you, smart entrepreneurs and managers, find business tools that make a difference to your business.  Tools and solutions which are easy to use from the comfort of your own office. Tools that will help you learn something new about your business without you investing much time, effort and money. Tools that may be simple quick fixes, or more complex instruments, to bring value both short and long term.

Tooliers will be the online marketplace for business tools, to help you, smart entrepreneurs and managers, get even smarter. Our special focus is on management and business consulting toolsfor small and midsize businesses.

Tooliers will be not just a platform for online business tools!  Tooliers aspires to become a virtual place with a social mission and the advocate of the “work-smart” business and entrepreneurship philosophy. We aim to enable millions of entrepreneurs and managers around the world to reach their dreams much sooner, and enjoy life by achieving their objectives quicker and easier. Simply, business made easier!

Our mission is to become the center of the network that will develop impressive consulting products to enable companies to achieve a better experience with their consultants.  Equally important, we want to make these tools available to all companies, regardless of the size, geography or industry. We believe that the small companies can achieve much more provided they have the right tools.  Tooliers will help especially those companies that don’t have resources for traditional consulting services and advisory support.

Stay tuned for our beta launch next month!  Register now at to ensure you are the first to find out about our beta launch and enjoy all early bird benefits.  Our special offer for first comers will be valid for a limited period!