Business Success: Work on Your Business and Not in the Business

Do you want to achieve business success? Take a leap of faith! Trust your people, delegate more, and earn yourself valuable time to deal with the strategic aspects of your business. 

Let go! Yes, relinquish control. You may say, ‘But this is my business! How can I let go?’ Sure, this is your business, and you took it to the point where you are in charge and can control it. If you want toget to the next level, however, you need to accept you can’t control everything anymore; you have to rely on and trust others in your team. People are happy to take more responsibility, and it’s up to you to select the right person for that extra responsibility. That person will grow together with your business. She will assume more duties, she will learn more, she will be happier. As will you.

Now we’re talking!

A few years ago I said to one of my colleagues: ‘As of today, you are in charge of this division. If you have problems, come to me. But I believe you will manage to solve them yourself.’ She was in shock initially, as she had not been expecting it. But guess what? She is still managing that division today and clients are happier than I could have made them. Why? Because she is totally focused on that division, which is something that I, as the business owner, would never have been able to do. I have too many other things to deal with!

Now that you have moved the heavier responsibilities to your team members, you are free to think. Indeed, you can stop and think. Imagine you are an angel flying above your business, looking down on what is happening there. Do you like what you see? Do you see a money-making machine or an ant’s nest, with loads of ants running around, very busy, carrying food, making the nest, but not producing anything for you? Now that you have time, you have every reason to start applying different tactics and to take your company to the next level.

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To achieve the business success you want, write down in comments below 5 ideas you will implement in the next 30 days. Ideas are about empowering your staff so you can delegate more and free up your time. Share your ideas below and get inspiration from others’ ideas!