The Bizarre Truth About Increasing Sales... Which No One Talks About

This article is for you if you own a small or medium-sized business and you find yourself in any of these situations:

  • You are sick and tired of trying so hard to sell and not seeing results
  • You have tried everything you could possibly think of to sell more
  • Selling is really hard in today's tight economy
  • You waste so much time on making a sale, that there is almost no point in owning the business
  • You have endless meetings with potential clients and they still don’t buy
  • It seems no one buys these days

You’re about to discover the biggest mistake most entrepreneurs make when they try to increase sales – a mistake that in fact leads to exactly the opposite.

You’ll also have access to our blueprint with the 5 vital steps you must take in order to finally attract the ideal clients for your small business. Apply this system and you will be one step closer to achieving your objectives.






I know how it feels. I was in the same situation until I had my big “aha” moment…

See, my background is in finance, and for a long time, I could not see the point of marketing.

I used to believe that if you had an amazing product, customers would come begging for it…

I thought that happy customers would naturally bring in more customers.

And when I finally understood that businesses need to promote themselves, I put an ad in a business catalog...

... I paid for Google AdWords ...

... I even hired a marketing consultant…

… all with no results!

It was getting more and more difficult to pay the bills and survive.


I had more stress every day (and especially every night) which …

… killed my social life, as I had to put all my time into my business

… caused problems with my partner

… made me sick.


In 2008 my business almost went bankrupt.

This is when I opened my eyes and searched desperately for a solution.

I found it!

And I am thrilled to share it with you.

Just keep reading… It’s not what you think.

In 2010, I realized:

Things are a lot different than what they were 5 years ago, or 10 years ago…

Right Now There Is a Huge Gap Between

How People Buy and How Companies Sell

Sounds simple, eh?

Those who understand this and change course are the winning companies.

Those Businesses that Keep Doing 

the Same Things They Did in the Past 

Will Be Overtaken by Their Competition


It is only a matter of time – a month, a quarter, a year – until you may slowly but surely run out of business, if you don't change!

Think about it ...

Let’s say you have just decided to buy a car. The very next minute, you get a call from a car dealer offering you the best possible car in your price range.

What do you do? Do you buy it right away?

Ironically, most people hang up... some write down the car dealer’s details.

What if the car dealer called you again the next day?

You would politely reply that you need more time, assuming you picked up the phone at all.

What if he called you again the following day?

You might start to get annoyed…

Another call and he would lose the chance to ever sell you anything.

But you may say: I’m not looking for a car! What’s your point?

The story above illustrates how most potential customers feel these days...

… harassed, annoyed, frustrated … by companies trying to push their products onto them



People Want to Buy… 

But They Don’t Want to Be Sold to


And how do most companies sell?

“Buy my product now!”

“I don’t care whether you, Mr. Client, need my product or not… just buy it!”

The BIGGEST MISTAKE Companies Make Today

Is to Try to Push Their Products or Services 

onto Anyone and Everyone


They don’t realize that they are alienating their potential buyers.

The harder they try, the less chance they have of making a sale.

Wouldn’t it be great if people came to you and ask for our services?

Of course!

This is what will happen when you follow my advice…

People want to be in control 


What does this mean for those of us who have a service to sell?

Well, we need to provide the relevant information to the potential clients and let them decide.

You may be thinking, “If I did this, I would sell nothing!”

How much are you selling at the moment though?

And how much more do you want to sell?

Ok, I’m not saying you sit back and relax as you wait for the clients to come flooding in!



  1. Be there before your potential clients think about buying a service/ product like yours
  2. Be there when your potential clients consider buying the type of service/ product you sell
  3. Anticipate the needs of your potential clients
  4. Provide them with relevant and interesting information; educate them
  5. Most importantly, guide their buying decision


So when they are ready to buy, they contact you

Simple, right?

It is simple…

All you have to do is:

  • Understand your client
  • Provide value to your client
  • Be there for your client when they need you

How can you do this? 

Let me guide you on your journey.

Click below to download

Your 5-Step Blueprint to Attract Ideal Clients WITHOUT BEING PUSHY

… So you will have people starting to ask for your product / service within the next 3 days. 

You may ask yourself why I am providing you with such amazing information.

Because I was in  a difficult situation once, struggling to make a living from my consulting business.

I learned the hard way…

… and I want to share my knowledge with other business owners who are serious about their business and committed to taking action now

And there is also a sneaky reason:

… I believe this 5-step plan is so powerful... 
… that you will immediately get results
… and will consider buying other products we offer to grow your smart business.

So how can this blueprint help you grow your business?  It’ll guide you to:

  1. Define the real problem your clients have
  2. Understand who your ideal client is and how to use this information in your marketing
  3. Grasp what your prospects are really looking for (vs what they say they need), so you know how they buy
  4. Develop ways to provide value to your prospects so you build trust
  5. Learn how to effortlessly keep in touch with your prospects, so they approach you when they are ready to buy

Get a surprise step: spot the thing that makes or breaks your sale, which is usually overlooked by consultants, lawyers, accountants, auditors, web agencies, architects, IT services and other professional service providers. 

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I mean to really grow your business

… so you don’t have to worry about how much things cost

… so you serve all those who could benefit from your help.