“3 Webinar Tweaks That Made a $62K Difference” by Amy Porterfield

Big-hearted Amy Porterfield and Rick Mulready share some important lessons in this podcast that could help you jumpstart your first Facebook and YouTube Ad campaigns.

I loved the part about Facebook ads and especially the idea of driving the paid traffic to blog articles instead of bringing the visitors to an opt-in page. Sharing quality content instead of selling a registration is not only more valuable for the visitor, but also more cost effective for the advertiser.

That’s because how people react to the ad is one important factor that determines the cost of your ads. 

If you ask me which is the single most important idea that should be remembered from their podcast I would say it’s the idea to start small, using a daily budget of no higher than $5-10 (USD). I promote the same idea in my Masterclasses; the all-in campaigns are such a bad idea, especially when you are just getting started.

You might also find interesting the second part of the podcast, where Amy and Rick cover YouTube Ads. Rick talks about the anatomy of a perfect instream YouTube ad. I highly recommend it to business owners who want to get started with video ads.

Enjoy the article or listen to the podcast if you are on the go. Don’t forget to check the cool resources Amy shared here.


3 Webinar Tweaks That Made a $62K Difference

by Amy Porterfieldoriginally posted  here.


What a difference a tweak makes!

If you’ve spent any time on this blog (or podcast) in recent weeks, you know how firmly I stake my belief in webinars. Webinars offer a platform that lets you connect with people on an entirely new, personal level you just don’t get with most marketing strategies.

And what other marketing strategy can offer the opportunity for consistent on-the-spot revenue?

If you’ve done successful webinars in the past and are looking to make even bigger revenue, OR if you’ve never done webinars before or maybe have just dabbled with them in the past, today is going to be quite a pleasant surprise.

Starting with this number: $62,000

As the title says, just three little webinar-related tweaks made a $62,000 difference in my bottom line. I knew they’d have an impact, but the size of that number surprised even me.

See, I knew there were aspects of my webinar strategy that could use a shot in the arm.

  • I wanted more sales generated from my webinars
  • I wanted more people to show up live during my webinars
  • I wanted to attract a new audience and grow my email list with the webinars.

 Whenever you want to reach a new goal, you know some parts of your strategy are going to have to change.

So I set to work making adjustments, starting with:


Tweak #1: The Sales Page

This might surprise you, but I always do a sales page for any promotion I put together. Where some people might drive webinar attendees right to their product order form, my style is to give people extra information, especially if they are on the fence.

In the past we used to send people directly from the webinar to the sales page to read all about the product and then buy. But over time, we realized I wasn’t getting as many sales on the webinar as I had thought I should.

And that’s how this simple tweak came about. I still use the sales page, but I’m using it smarter. That single change resulted in instant sales from the very next webinar, as well as a bigger boost of those instant sales.

(Click here to listen to the full episode and find out the simple tweak that boosted instant webinar sales!)


Tweak #2: More Webinars During Promotion

I want to give a shout-out to a member of the mastermind I used to be in. He’s the one who suggested this tweak to me.

He said if webinars work really well for me, I should be capitalizing on that.
This idea–do more of what’s already working for you–was so simple, it was revolutionary.

In the past, I’d do one webinar for each promotion. But at his suggestion, I stepped up my game.

It took a while for this tweak to hit its stride. But once it did, I saw amazing results.

Click here to sign up for a master class that shows the exact steps that I take in my own business to create a webinar system.


Tweak #3: Facebook Ads

This is one I learned from my amazing coach, Todd Herman.

I found that when I’m running Facebook ads for a webinar promo to a cold audience that probably doesn’t know much about me, that ad needs to look a whole lot different than an ad to a warm audience (my fan base, my own email list, or a retargeting list).

Here are some examples:

The warm-audience ad

The warm-audience ad is more “talky” and personable. It has a lot more of my branding in it, in terms of colors and design. These people already know me and like me, so it plays on that familiarity we have.

Compare that to…

The cold-audience ad

The cold-audience doesn’t have a lot of branding to it. The text is short, punchy and blatant: “This is what we have going on, sign up here.” Because this audience doesn’t know me, I keep it much more generic.

Find out more about how to tailor your Facebook ads to different audiences. Click here to listen to the whole episode.


One More Thing

One other huge change I made last year that has been a game-changer in terms of webinar attendance is an email series I call the Pre-Webinar Onboarding Sequence. This series of emails starts the minute you register for a webinar, and it’s become an integral part of my brand.


Article by Amy Porterfield, originally posted here.